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Author Topic: The Codex of Koda - Current Living World Update -  (Read 592 times)

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The Codex of Koda - Current Living World Update -
« on: November 29, 2016, 11:42:46 AM »
Codex of Koda
The Origin of Flame
    In the beginning, the ancient one told the first Kodan to watch and learn. Protect and guide the world's spirits.
    Some Kodan guided the Spirit of Stone, others the Spirit of Water, of plants and birds and creeping things. From  Koda's eye, our tribe accepted the Spirit of Fire. Small and weak, it could only grow with a Kodan carrying.
    As we cared for the Spirit, it grew in size and speed. Sudden now it carried itself, spreading throughout the world. [Go now] Carry the Spirit of Fire as my forebears did. Watch and learn how it grows larger and faster.

Rage of the Flame
    Who would know why the first Kodan stand on his hind legs and talked? To ask why. Why is there an endless cycle of creation and destruction? Why do we live if we are only to die? The Fire lives to eat all living things. We Kodan learnt much about destruction and death from Fire. Fire made other spirits sad. And Koda was not pleased. He demanded that we guide the Spirit, teach it where to go.
    To the things that needed balance. [Go now] Teach the fire to balance the corrupted ones.

Shelter of the Flame
    In our eagerness to understand, the Kodan have, on occasion, failed to understand. When Koda called us, we taught the Spirit of Fire what to destroy. Then, we suffered Koda's rage. After the Time of great Trial, the Kodan realised that we were also charged with teaching Fire about creation. The Kodan then taught the Spirit life. We gave Fire a home in our sanctuaries. It learnt to warm us. [Go now] Teach the Fire to give warmth, and to shelter you from the storm.

Wisdom of the Flame
    After a great many years passed, the Spirit of Fire no longer needed the Kodan to survive. Because the Fire had learnt all it could by Kodas Grace. It had become wise. By Koda's profound wisdom, the Kodan would teach the Spirits, so, in turn, the Spirits could teach the Kodan about harmony. Because the flame is a pure form of Harmony. A fulcrum between creation and destruction were all living things exist. Because that is Kodas Will, all things exist by Kodas Grace. [Go now] watch, and learn how the flame gives and takes.

Spirit of the Flame
    After many years of Harmony. The Spirit of Fire grew old, and the time came for him to leave this world. But in his absent, its essence lives on. Our sanctuary holds the last remaining flame, begot by the Spirit itself. When the time comes to return to Koda, our tribe's essence will also live on, in anyone who carries this sacred fire. Like the flame, our tribe has offered to shelter and share with any who would do the same. [Like the Quaggans.] Go, knowing the ultimate wisdom of Koda's Flame. Before your own flame dies, may you wrath much life into the world.

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