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Author Topic: Camiís Final Voyage  (Read 670 times)

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Camiís Final Voyage
« on: October 08, 2016, 06:42:44 PM »
"Day 1. Cami of Krewe Taimi"
   Stepping out of the Portal was like walking into a wall of hot brick. The air here is so thick and acrid. Not   
        dangerous, just sulfurous--AKA stinky. It took the whole first day to setup the gate.
   The gate remained unstable for hours, and Phlunt's people keep trying to run the show. I am not amused.
"Day 2. Cami of Krewe Taimi"
    I left the main camp today to undertake our first scouting mission. I wanted to get a look around before we
        sent out our best researchers.
   When I left Novus, Taimi said to me, "Cami. You're in charge. I need you to make sure everyone comes home,
   I won't let her down, but I've already been attacked twice, and I have to be especially careful to avoid roving
        bands of Destroyers.

"Day 3. Cami of Krewe Taimi"
    I found something interesting. These Destroyers don't look like the ones I saw in my textbooks. They
        have...different characteristics.
   Some have plantlike appendages, and some smell like death. I'm documenting everything for Taimi.
   While I hesitate to conjecture, I think it's safe to say that these aren't our ancestors' Destroyers.
"Day 4. Cami of Krewe Taimi"
   The island is unstable. The ground shakes quite often, and the local creatures seem upset by it. It's as if
        they're looking for a place to hide, but there is none.
   We set up seismic tracking tech back at the camp. I'll be curious to see what they discover. I think it's clear
        that a volcanic eruption is imminent.
   Magic seems to play a role. My readings are off the charts. There's so much magic here, you can see the ley
"Day 5. Cami of Krewe Taimi"
   I'm taking a short break. I get tired quickly. The air. The heat. It explains why the Fire Islands chain has been
        desolate for thousands of years.
   I'm actually surprised by how many creatures I've encountered that aren't Destroyers. For example, I met
        some skritt earlier. Skritt!
   Of course, skritt are not native to the islands. These stupid rodents seem to have chosen, on purpose, to make
        this their home. Stupid.
"Day 6. Cami of Krewe Taimi"
   I've been thinking a lot about the history of the islands. This isn't your standard group of volcanic outcrops.
   The Ring of Fire Islands is known for its entrance to the Realm of Torment. That's on a different island--not
        this one, thank goodness. I wonder if it's still accessible. What a dig that would be!
   Furthermore, the island chain has changed over the centuries. The rise of Orr had a huge impact on the
        island's landscape.
   I see recent changes to the geo layering of the island. I believe Primordus and the Destroyers have raised core
        temperatures and caused increased volcanic activity.
"Day 7. Cami of Krewe Taimi"
   Taimi is going to flip when she gets this data. Nothing is as we expected. I'm starting to think we should
        evacuate soon or people could get killed.
   This place has always had a reputation as a hive of evil and I still sense doom here. It's as if a pall of mursaat
        gloom hangs over the place.
   Mursaat. Creepy beings from who knows where, who ruled human Kryta for a long time until the uprising.
        Wouldn't it be something if I ran into one?
   I'm heading back to rendezvous with the first raiding party. It would be tempting to cover every inch of the
        island, but I have to stay practical. I've felt like something was watching me.
   This island creates paranoia. Maybe it wasn't so bright coming out here alone. If my calculations are correct,
        the raiding party should be camped just over the next ridge.

---Recording ends.

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