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Author Topic: Mursaat Lore - As taught in Ember Bay  (Read 630 times)

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Mursaat Lore - As taught in Ember Bay
« on: September 26, 2016, 09:28:02 PM »
I. Over ten thousand years ago, elder races put aside their difference and forged an alliance against the awakening Elder Dragons. If we'd worked together as planned, we wouldn't have had to hide.

II. The elder races could not agree on what to do. The jotun hid from the dragons, and the dwarves withdrew into their fortresses. The Seers stored magic for use after the dragons returned to sleep.

III. We mursaat and the Forgotten forged armies of powerful constructs to destroy the dragons. The Seers, dwarves, and jotun did not want to fight. This drove a rift between us and them.

IV. We assaulted Zhaitan with our army of jade constructs and enchanted armors. We failed, and many mursaat and Forgotten died. We will never forgive the other elder races for deserting us.

V. After our failed assault on Zhaitan, our Forgotten allies withdrew to the Crystal Desert. We soothed ourselves with the knowledge that, upon the other races' annihilations, the world would be ours.

VI. We slid sideways into another layer of awareness to avoid having our magic stolen from us.

VII. Centuries passed. The Elder Dragons consumed all of Tyria's magic. Once prosperous cities lay in ruin. Civilization fell into an age of darkness and brutality in absence of magic.

VIII. As the dragons returned to their cyclic slumber, the elder races reemerged. The once-powerful jotun refused to rely on magic ever again. They have since remained ignorant, brutish creatures.

IX. The Seers set about sharing their stored magic with the world, though society had devolved into divided, violent tribes. Wars broke out over control of the magic pool.

X. The Forgotten allied with Glint and ignored the now to focus on the future. We mursaat ... we returned and built a base among the Fire Islands, as strong as ever. The world will one day be ours.

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